Koi Air 25


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2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 29 & 32 Annual maintenance master spares kit - better value. Click here to see what is included. NB When replacing diaphragms you should change your front & back boards and Teflon sleeves as older models had different sized components 1019941£14.99

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2, 3 Foam air filter and seal. **SPECIAL OFFER PRICE** (RRP £3.05)1019880**£0.99**

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27 Steel multi-outlet air fitting 8-way. This version is now supplied with new pumps, earlier models were sold with the plastic or steel 6-way versions. If using less than six airstones care must be taken not to completely close all the unused outlets as this could cause excessive pressure build up and damage the pump. **SPECIAL OFFER PRICE** (RRP £12.99). Only 1 remaining in stock.1021012/NEWwithdrawn
10 In/out flapper valves (4) mushroom shape. **SPECIAL OFFER PRICE** (RRP £5.09)1019866**£0.36**

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  Silicone airline tubing CLEAR, internal bore 3mm. We will cut this to the continuous length you require (whole metres only - maximum reel length 100 metres). Price shown is per metre. Silicone tubing is recommended for use with air pumps.2559£0.74

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  100m REEL silicone airline tubing CLEAR 3mm internal bore2559REEL£60.13

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  Air stone 50mm ball shape to take 3mm hose2875£2.99

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  Check Valve to take 3mm hose see 2559 above2565IN£4.99

Or call 01509 261256
5 Cover lid top seal1021098withdrawn
9, 10, 28, 30, 31 Valve chamber including flapper valves1019835withdrawn
6, 32 Bottom air seal and outlet foam set1021074withdrawn
22, 33 'L' shaped pipe (2) with connectors (4)1021050withdrawn
27 Plastic multi-outlet air fitting 6-way1019910withdrawn
27 Steel multi-outlet air fitting 6-way1021012/OLDwithdrawn
12, 29 Diaphragm (1) with protective Teflon washers (2) discontinued. We suggest code 1019941 maintenance kit1019828withdrawn
8 Rubber base feet (set of 4)1021111withdrawn
25, 26 Outlet connecter pipe and clips (2)1021128withdrawn
7, 8 Base with feet for Koi Air 25 BASE25withdrawn
  Sealing ring small. 1019899 withdrawn

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