Amphibious P620

100 watts.

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This pump has been discontinued, if you require a replacement pump we can supply the nearest current model Midipond 5500 click here for details.

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Please Note the 2 images show 2 different designs of pump with this model number please ensure you are ordering the correct part for your particular design of pump

Available Parts

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Part Number


Complete set of fittings as supplied with Amphibious ‘A’ range of pumps and from late 2008/2009 with the ‘P’ range of pumps.  Not interchangeable with parts from set 1018418 – see link below. * DISCOUNTED PRICE *(RRP £47.99) 1014830 £12.99

Or call 01509 261256
O ring1018708£3.99

Or call 01509 261256
Filter foam pack (large/small) to fit housing 1010054 1018647 £4.99

Or call 01509 261256
Impeller housing, new design click here for details1018807/NEWwithdrawn
In-Pool foam pre-filter (dimensions: 8 ¼ inch diameter x 7 ½ inch high with a 3 ¼ inch diameter hole). See alternative BIOFF 1012041 See alternative
Extendable riser pipe 1/2 inch male thread, 17cm to 28cm length with side outlet, pushes onto flow adjuster - part of set 10184181020848withdrawn
Bearing Set (consists centre bolt, metal washer, the 'loose' white collar with curved line (approx 25mm long x 13mm 'outside dia') and white 'shamrock'. Available as part of the Impeller1019552withdrawn
Impeller assembly including bearing set (see below for description) and 'O' ring1019378withdrawn
Filter housing complete with foam and back plate. BLACK or GREY may be supplied. Newer design (see line drawing) 1010054 withdrawn
Amphibious 'P' range only Jet set comprising: Dual control flowadjuster / 'T' piece and 4 spray heads1018418withdrawn
Super "T" piece1018401withdrawn
Impeller housing and foot, older design click here for details1018807/OLDwithdrawn
Filter housing older design (see photo) 1018500 withdrawn
Filter foam to fit housing 10185001018630withdrawn
Filter back plate 1019231 withdrawn

Optional Extras


Part Number


Pump cage to eliminate need for frequent cleaning1011457withdrawn
Fountain jet No 3 - 60 holes push fits directly onto flowadjuster 10184181020404withdrawn
Fountain jet No 4 - 19 holes push fits directly onto flowadjuster code 10184181020503withdrawn
Fountain jet No 5 - 41 holes 1020602 withdrawn
Fountain jet No 6 - 13 holes push fits directly onto flowadjuster code 10184181020701withdrawn
Fountain jet No 7 - 5 holes push fits directly onto flowadjuster code 10184181020800withdrawn
3 step fountain jet 1/2" 1014014 withdrawn
Brass fountain jet 19 x 1mm hole1020206withdrawn
Brass fountain jet 19 x 2mm hole1020305withdrawn
Extendable volcano fountain jet push fits directly onto flowadjuster code 10184181020626withdrawn
Double bell & fountain jet1020817withdrawn
"Lava" bell fountain jet 1020824 withdrawn
Extendable riser pipe 1/21020831withdrawn
Riser Pipe 30 cm, pushes onto code 1018418 only. 1020855 withdrawn
Non return valve only.1018104withdrawn
Non submersible kit, includes specially modified housing/base plate, that replaces existing one, flexible tubing, clips and a non return valve1018203withdrawn

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