Hydratech Torrent 4000


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This pump has been discontinued, if you require a replacement pump we can supply the nearest current model Olympus Pro Filter Pump 4000 click here for details.

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Line drawing error diagram no's 8 & 9 - Impeller base plate for this model is designed with only one screw fitting and not four as shown in booklets etc

Available Parts

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Diagram No


Part Number


7 Impeller base plate o-ring1021234£2.49

Or call 01509 261256
4 & 6 Both shaft locators1021173withdrawn
10 Pond floor intake1021072withdrawn
9 Impeller base plate locating screws - qty two supplied in the pack1021265withdrawn
4 & 6 Impeller shaft including both locators1021210withdrawn
1 Multi hosetail connector1021142withdrawn
5 Impeller assembly1021197withdrawn
2 Motor cover1021159withdrawn
8 Impeller base plate - designed with one screw hole. See note next to line drawing1021258withdrawn

Optional Extras


Part Number


Black anti kink hose, 25mm (1 inch) per metre25BAKH£2.31

Or call 01509 261256
Double wire hose clip 25mm (1 inch), each. Material galvanised mild steel, colour may vary due to coating25DWHC£1.40

Or call 01509 261256
Black anti kink hose, 32mm (1¼ inch) per metre32BAKH£3.41

Or call 01509 261256
Double wire hose clip 32mm (1¼ inch), each. Material galvanised mild steel, colour may vary due to coating32DWHC£1.40

Or call 01509 261256

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