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Welcome to the Azpack website for Lotus filtration and UV. Azpack is a distribution company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, the full address is shown below. All prices on this site are in pounds sterling and include VAT. We usually only supply within the UK and Ireland, if you require delivery anywhere else please contact us.

Gravity Filters

Bio-Master 3000
Bio-Master 6000
Bio-Master 9000
Bio-Master 12000

Bio-Master Filter

UV Gravity Filters

Green2Clean 3000 Filter
Green2Clean 6000 Filter
Green2Clean 12000 Filter
Green2Clean 18000 Filter
Green2Clean 24000 Filter
Green2Clean 30000 Filter
Green2Clean 48000 Filter

Green2Clean Filter

Green Genie 2500
Green Genie 3500
Green Genie 6500
Green Genie 12500
Green Genie 24000
Green Genie 48000

Green Genie Filter

Clear Pond 18 Advanced Filter
Clear Pond 25 Advanced Filter
Clear Pond 50 Advanced Filter
Clear Pond 80 Advanced Filter

Clear Pond Filter

UV Pressure Filters

Green Genie Xtreme Pressure Filter 4000
Green Genie Xtreme Pressure Filter 8000
Green Genie Xtreme Pressure Filter 12000
Green Genie Xtreme Pressure Filter 16000

Green Genie Xtreme

Heavy Duty Green Reset 20000 Pressure Filter
Heavy Duty Green Reset 30000 Pressure Filter

Lotus Green Reset

Ultra Violet Purifiers

Ultra Violet Purifier 8w
Ultra Violet Purifier 15w
Ultra Violet Purifier 18w
Ultra Violet Purifier 25w
Ultra Violet Purifier 30w
Ultra Violet Purifier 55w
Ultra Violet Purifier 75w
Ultra Violet Purifier 100w

Contact Details

Azpack Limited
Unit 24 Kernan Drive
Swingbridge Trading Estate
LE11 5JF


Tel: 01509 261256 - International +44 1509 261256
E-mail: sales@azpack.co.uk
Company No: 2719539
VAT Reg: 616 5307 52
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