Selection Page for Oasis Pump Spares

February 2012.  Please Note Oasis have rebranded their range to Lotus.  If you cannot find your pump listed click here for the Lotus spares pages

Universal Pond Pump 1800
Universal Pond Pump 2500
Universal Pond Pump 4000
Universal Pond Pump 5000

Aquashift OAST2
Aquashift OAST3
Aquashift OAST4
Aquashift 5000 Pond Pump APRO50
Aquashift 12000 Pond Pump APRO12
Aquashift 15000 Pond Pump APRO15
Aquashift ST 2000
Aquashift ST 3000
Aquashift ST 4000


Listed below are old models of pumps with no available spares.  Click on your model to find the recommended nearest equivalent pump from our current range or contact our Sales Office for help in choosing a replacement on 01509 261256.

Universal Pond Pump 700
Universal Pond Pump 1100
Aquashift 8000 Pond Pump APRO80
Aquashift 10000 Pond Pump APRO10
Aquashift MD 3500
Aquashift MD 5000
Aquashift MD 6500
Aquashift Pro 5500
Aquashift Pro 8000
Aquashift Pro 10000
Aquashift Pro 12000
Aquashift Pro 15000
Aquashift XL 5000
Aquashift XL 7000
Aquashift XL 9000
Aquashift XL 10000
Aquashift XL 15000
Aquashift XL 16000

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