Volume Calculator

This page contains three calculators to help you estimate the volume of your pond in litres. You will only need to use one of them. The third calculator is for people who already know the volume of their pond in gallons.

There is a fourth calculator which converts litres to gallons.

Enter your data in the fields marked "*", then click on the "Calculate" or "Convert" button.

Pond Volume Calculator - From Dimensions in Metres

Average Length * Metres
Average Width * Metres
Average Depth * Metres
Volume = Litres

Pond Volume Calculator - From Dimensions in Feet and Inches

If you have measured your pond in inches, just use the inches column, you do not need to convert to feet. Entering 1'6" or just 18" will work equally well.

Average Length * Feet Inches
Average Width * Feet Inches
Average Depth * Feet Inches
Volume = Litres  

Volume Converter - Gallons to Litres

Volume in Gallons *  
Volume in Litres =

Volume Converter - Litres to Gallons

Volume in Litres *  
Volume in Gallons =

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