Blagdon Rattan Pillar Affinity Feature Pool Spares

Bagdon Pillar

For water treatment purposes the capacity of the Pillar is 198 litres.

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Blagdon All-in-One Pump & Filter

Some of the Popular Spares for the All-In-One are listed below. 

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Available Parts

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Part Number


Inpond Medium Maintenance Kit consists of Coarse and Medium Foam Set and Pk of 6 Polymer Wool1054928£10.99

Or call 01509 261256
Polymer wool, pack of 61051166£9.99

Or call 01509 261256
Foam set. See 1054928 above as alternative1051170withdrawn
Pack of 6 window cleaning pads1051200£6.49

Or call 01509 261256
5w UV clarifier comes complete with replacement In Pond Base with magnetic safety switch to activate UV bulb on installation. * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £79.99)1052467£62.99

Or call 01509 261256
5 watt UV bulb. Total length of bulb (including white end piece and glass) approx 102mm. * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £22.99)1041041£18.56

Or call 01509 261256
LED bulb1051330£6.99

Or call 01509 261256
Planting basket - Not Available
Waterfall, includes fixing screws and 12mm hose. (If the hose which is not removable/replaceable becomes kinked, run the kink under very hot, not boiling, water. The hose will then become very pliable and can be rolled between fingers back into shape)1051217£37.99

Or call 01509 261256
Pillar liner - Not Available
Fresh Start 250ml. * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £11.49)2670£8.49

Or call 01509 261256
Green Away 250ml - Treats 11,365 litres (2,500 gals). * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £11.49)2673£8.49

Or call 01509 261256
Brilliant Pond Tablets (10 Tablets) * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £18.99)2757£12.99

Or call 01509 261256
Pond Balance. Sufficient to carry out a 3 dose course of treatment on a 2273 litre pond (500 Gallons). * DISCOUNTED PRICE * (RRP £14.49)2716£10.49

Or call 01509 261256
Clear aqua hose 12mm (½ inch) 30m reel12CAH£30.88

Or call 01509 261256
Hose clip, galvanised mild steel for 12mm tubing, Pack of 10 (for 10mm tubing please purchase this clip and tighten down)12HCSS£8.70

Or call 01509 261256
Black anti kink hose, 12mm (½ inch) 30m reel12BAKH£30.04

Or call 01509 261256
Double wire hose clip 12mm (½ inch), each. Material galvanised mild steel, colour may vary due to coating12DWHC£1.08

Or call 01509 261256

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