This pump will do the following:

Run a fountain on its own. Max fountain height 100cm. or
Power just a waterfall – Width 11cm at 1m. or
Supply sufficient water to a filter for a pond of 4965 l (1092 gal).
Alternatively this pump with its ‘T’ piece can be used to power more than one feature:

A fountain & waterfall at 1m with a width of 8cm or
A fountain & ornament. or
A fountain & filter for a 3475 l (765 gal) pond.
For information about how to select the correct size pump and see full flow rate details of this pump, please click here.

Maximum Flow

Head (metres) 0 1 1.25
Litres per hour 3310 1350 750
Gallons per hour 743 297 165

Maximum Head

1.5m (4’10”)

Electrical Specification

230v 50Hz 1ph AC, 47 watts, IP68, supplied with 10m of cable.


This pump is Guaranteed for 3 years, click here for details.