The table below shows the maximum recommended volumes of different types of pond with fish for which this filter is suitable. Koi carp grow larger and produce more waste than other fish so if the pond has koi halve the recommended volumes shown.

Size litres 4,500 3,375 3,375 2,531
Size gallons 990 742 742 557

Recommended Max Flow

2,250 litres (495 gal) / hour

Recommended Hose sizes

Inlet – 25mm (1″), multi hose connector will also accept 19 and 12.5mm hose.

Outlet – 38mm smooth bore, must be fitted for correct operation.

Electrical Specification

230v, 50Hz, 5w fitted with 5m cable. Safety rating IP56CE.


390 x 240 x 300mm (L x W x H)


This filter is Guaranteed for 2 years, click here for details.