Inlet Diameters (mm) No of Outlets Diameter of Outlets (mm) Dimensions (L x W x H mm) Tank Size (litres / gals) Max Flowrate (litres / gals per hour) UV Bulb Wattage
19/25/32 3 38 635 x 460 x 490 68 / 15 10080 / 2217 25 x 2
Supplied with three outlet push fit pipes each approx length 200mm.

230v, 50Hz, 50w fitted with 3m cable. N.B. Only UV bulbs of the stated wattage should be used, do not exceed this.

Suggested Pump


Based on a 1m head height and no fountain/feature being used. For alternative specs please speak to our Sales Office for guidance.


This filter is Guaranteed for 1 year, click here for details.